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Is 3 Mysterious Number or Myth?


A large portion of us trust number three is unfortunate number, Many don’t go out in a great deal of three, numerous does not work in parcel of three. Some don’t take photo in gathering of three persons,think that center individual will passed on first. So there are numerous more myth about No.3.In hindi there is a maxim – Teen Teegada Kam Bhigada.

I think No.3 is the very quintessence on this world stand. Three is the most fortunate number. As the time is partitioned three tense-Past, Present and Future, The day is isolated – Morning,Noon and Evening.


The world is partitioned into Three-Heaven(Bhur), Earth(Bhuva) and Hell(Swaha).Three period of life-Young, Middle age and Old age. Three face of individual – Birth, Life and Death.One ought to control three things-Thought ,Words and Deed, then the world is his your


Bhagvad Gita include 18 Chapters separated into three sections comprising 6 Chapters each. The First Part is – Karma Yoga-(Chapter 1 to 6) ,Second part – Bhakti Yoga-(Chapter 7 to 12) and Third parts is-Jnana Yoga-(Chapters 13-18).There is three qualities-Sattva ,Rajas and Tamas. There is three primary things in human start or living Organism-Mind, Body and Soul.

For Hindus there is three fundamental GOD-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.- Brahma the Creator , Vishnu the preservation(Operator) and Mahesh(Shiva) the destroyer. then how can hindu says that number three is unlucky? time to ponder upon.


Number 3 likewise typically speak to OM in its vocative and diagrammatic viewpoints. The Symbol of OM comprises of three bends speaking to every bends three condition of awareness The lower bend in the image of OM speaks to the outward moving attentive cognizance, The Middle one speaks to the inward dream consciouness. The upper bend speaks to the quiet awareness of the profound rest state.


For mathematicians three is the main odd prime number. Three is the main extraordinary prime because of the properties of its equal.

Regarding science – A human ear has three half circle waterway. Molecules comprises of three constitutes – Protons ,Neutrons and Electrons. For Genetic data DNA and RNA are coded in three

For Christianity-Jesus Christ was covered inside a tomb and rose from the dead three days after the fact.To them – Trinity is – Father – Son – Holy Spirit.

For Astronomy-There are three primary universe morphological order Elliptical, Spirals and Lenticulars

Noted human studies Mr.George Dumezil built up the Trifunctional Hypothesis which separates pre – recorded Indo-European culture into three-Priests , Warriors and Commoners. So at last the I could say – The Science and Scientists have demonstrated that that all living and non-living things are made of molecule Atoms are the essential building piece of matter that make of up ordinary protest A work area, air and even you are made of particles. Presently these exceptionally particles is made of three things – Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. At that point in what capacity how can we sayNumber Three is Unlucky

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