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You need to turn Left to find Right political direction

on February 23, 2016

Whatever we are,men or women are life is decided by our choices ,some that we make and others are cling to us since we are born.

Whatever we do, we need certain guide or direction to achieve our goal. While working for our goal we always follow our dream. Sometimes our prejudice come in between our work, our principles or our moral sometimes doesn’t allow us to work in certain right direction. There we have to maintain harmony between our working principles and our personal biases.


Sometimes intellectual says you need to turn left once in life in order to find the Right political direction. I try to read between the lines and gave a thought sometimes we work in  right direction but still don’t achieve success,as we face failure several time for that we have to introspection oneself. .

Sometimes success is enjoyed only after we taste the failure. There are many reasons for our failure,one can be we are rigid in our thoughts that we dont accept different people’s opinion which is contradict to one’s. Secondly we do not put extra efforts for our goals that is why the outcome is not upto the goal we thought. So in order to achieve something its necessary to see world from different perceptive also. It is necessary for everyone to respect the opinion of other people but it doesn’t mean you are weak enough to give up your thoughts. May be your thought process is not in right direction so you have to change the angle of your view sight as there is one of my favourite quote explains what i mean to say, ”i respect all religion but i love my religion”. This lines clearly explain that we should respect the thoughts opinion of everyone but love the ideologies of oneself. One should not compromise with the self principle at any condition. Whatever the condition is just stick to your principles.

Situation arises where you have to choose what is important to you at that point of time, your idealogical or your work there you have to maintain peace else you will ruin everything. In order to work for the truth sometimes you have to compromise with your prejudice, that sometimes you need to go wrong way in order to find the right way.

written by ANU SAXENA

pic courtesy-
google images.

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