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Bring vikas in bihar

Today is result day of bihar, lets see who win nda or mahagatbandan, whosoever win kindly focus on development not in making dalit state. We Indians are already divided dont divert us from your goals that is infrastructure and development.


I know everyone wants to win to get the political gains, I expect good people to win to bring positive change in the state. Lets wait couple of hour to see the results,
I am happy there is no paid news and EC was very active during bihar election and campaigns , they conduct election peacefully no booth capturing and other violence like vandalism occurred as election was peacefully occurred. Voters of elections are now more tolerant and aware, its a good sign not only for bihar but for whole india. When I see such positive change in my nation I feel positive, people coming out from there home to bring positive change and bring vikas.
After all we all are part of change.

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