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Impact of Celebrity in advertisement

Young people took celebrities as their idol, they want to copy their idol’s lifestyle in order to be like them. Whatever their idol does,talk young people bring it in practice. This gives an important edge to advertiser to endorse their product through different celebrity.

Celebrity know the adverse effect of using junk food,soda drinks,chocolates etc still they promoting these products. For example Saif Ali khan promoting chips, Saina Nehwal promoting Top Ramen noodles, Hritik Roshan promoting Mountain dew  and salman khan promoting thumbs up, Amitabh bachan promoting Maggie etc etc.


A research conducted in UK which observe 181 children states that celebrities who endorse specific food in TV advertisement are powerful influence on children. It found that kids ate more food as more potato chips after seeing ads featuring popular UK sports figure. They concluded with research that kids are influenced and picked food endorse by celebrity .

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Why these celebrities promoting such harmful food products. Celebrities have healthy lifestyle but why they want young children to get convince and sell product. Do they forget about the love they getting from people? Are they doing to make good amount from advertiser? Do they doing to get fame? Reason can be anything it can differ from mouth to mouth but it cause great affect to young people as these young people mostly children blindly believe celebrity , this cause deteriorate of their health.


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