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Dude, Delhi is All Safe


As all my friends were leaving for Delhi to do internship in the month of March, I too looking forward to go out to Delhi to do training for a month. I was very scared when I use to talk about going to Delhi as media has portray Delhi as rape city so it’s natural for Daughter’s parent to worry and take such difficult decision to send their daughter to such unsafe place . Delhi is unsafe for girls but it has numerous Job Opportunity so I have to go out for internship in Delhi. My friend Priyamvada and her mother went with me as Priyamvada too had to do training with me. We left Allahabad on 15th march,2015 and reached NewDelhi station the next day after that we went to the PG at Mayurvihar.

Mayurvihar is a nice place but I found my PG as brothel so we left the PG the same day and shift to Priya’s relative the same day at Ghaziabad.

Earlier I use to think people are so crazy because they live in different city and go out to work in different I mean why they does so much up and down. Why they travel so much but when I use to live at karkkadooma in Ghaziabad then I realize that nothing is far when you travelling in  metro. I experienced the metro for the first time and seriously speaking metro is the best public transport I ever travelled. Its all safe for all category. Government had reserved women compartment so women are safe and metro is running till night I believe metro is the best thing ever happened to delhi. The connectivity of delhi metro to four different city that is Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon is the boon from government to the people of Delhi.

I took my pg at laxmi nagar, laxmi nagar is student’ area, the food-shop market everything is according to the students. People here walk roam till 11pm . Here life come to halt after 1am. I feel safe at laxmi nagar, as here I never felt home away as its like my city.

All my doubts fly when I experience Delhi life because I feel safe, nothing bad happened to me I use to roam in Delhi till 9pm with my friends though my parents at Allahabad are scared but I felt secured here as I saw people here has no time to gossip around here everyone is busy in his own life. Everyone is enjoying his life no one cares for others. Here police is patrolling everywhere, CCTV is everywhere and the magic in the air brings the safety feeling in each girl’s mind. You are safe in public place and public transport. I always travel in Metro and I suggest girls to travel in metro only don’t take private cabs maybe they are safe but why you take risks girl? Travel in a metro or take open auto. I never feel any unwanted or anti-social activities around me so I am feeling really lucky as I am safe and secure in Capital city. Delhi is not rape capital, rape happens in every place it just Damini’s case had defamed the city, what happened to the girls is seriously bad but blaming city is intolerable. Dude I am a girl, right now I am in Delhi believe me Delhi is very opportunist city and safe city.


As I am fond of exploring new areas so I always go out to hunt new Eatries Point and places to hangout within 30days I explore many eating places . The best momos I ever had was karolbagh’s momos. The chat of laxmi nagar was heavenly delicious and the coldcoffe of cannauaght place is epic. Everynext day I use to explore new areas and I love to continue my this things seriously girls shedout your’s fear and come out safely from your place and enjoy Delhi. This city will make you mature and happy as I am pretty sure you will love this city and at the end you don’t want to go back to your respective places.  As I made beautiful friends here so I love to hangout with them. You will miss the shopping you had at janpath, sarojini and lajpat and you will seriously feel divine at BanglaSahib Gurudwara at Cannaught place and Shesgunj at Chandni Chowk . you will feel patriotic at India Gate and Red fort. it just u smile in everlasting smile, a smile bring a heal to your parents heart. Let your heart go out and chill in Delhi. Be a good explorer and explore ur Mini india. That’s all thanks to my parents who send me here for training as I had marvelous memories here.

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