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Fanatical and zealous believer of LORD SHIVA

on July 15, 2014

Shiv ji

Sawan is the auspicious day among all Hindus. Sawan month is dedicated to lord Shiva. Sawan is the month in which the people obeisance fast and pray to their lord. Shiv is considered as lord of the lord that is why he is called devon ke dev”mahadev”. There is a story that Goddess devi offer fast and dedicated the poojas as she considered mahadev as her husband while she was living in her father’s home. In this sawan month only lord shiva has come with his barat to attend his marriage. Till now lord shiva’s pilgrims think that lord shiva will come in this mortal world during the sawan month. Girls observe fast because they too want husband like mahadev and boys observe fast as they too want their wife as goddess parvati.
I am the follower of lord shiva, I took mahadev as my father. I define him as the perfect example for all of you. He is just not the lord of hindus, one can learn so much from his life and attire. Lord Shiva is the example of perfect husband,father and mentor in this world. Lord Shiva is called bholenath because he is considered as the most innocent god among all the hindu god. He believes in love behind the devotee’s offering. I am going to define lord shiva in my terminology. What does everything denotes. Lord shiva is always seen with trishool,damru,serpent,moon,gange,rosary beeds and tigercloth. These things completely define the personality of lord shiva. Lets understand lord Shiva through my eyes.
Lord shiva has Trishool- trident represents the power of three, knowledge,desire and implementation . one can succeed only he has these.
Drum- represents the sounds- the words of Vedas, the holy scriptures given by the lord to guide our mortal life.
Snake- serpent signify the ego which we have to control and worn as ornaments. Our ego should always remain below to our thought. Ego can destroy us so we should not take action on basis of our ego.
Rudrashak beed- represents the purity. One should be pure to our actions. Only pure action will lead to salvation. If you want to go to shivlok then your action should be pure.
Ganga on top- Ganga is consider as mother. one should respect our mother,we will always remain below the nature and pass wisdom from one generation to other.
Moon- represents that lord is the master of time. Lord will control our time so we should not be sad or happy because of time. Lord will change our time soon. As moon changes its shape our time will change soon.
Third eye- large oval dot on forehead is the third eye of knowledge which if opened, reduced to ashes the person in its vision. It is the symbol of destroyer of evil and ignorance.
Tiger cloth- shiv is seen sitting at tiger cloth because tiger is strength, fearless. It donates that lord Shiva is brave, courageous and most powerful in this world.



3 responses to “Fanatical and zealous believer of LORD SHIVA

  1. Anupam says:

    har har mahadev…
    its wondrful experiance 2 read ur blog… compact in terms of word & wide in knowledge…

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