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कमल का कमाल

लोक सभा मे बीजेपी की जीत से आखिर कमल खिल ही गया । यह कमल का ही कमाल था जो इस चुनाव मे सबसे पुरानी पार्टी काँग्रेस की हार करवाई । काँग्रेस को करारी हार झेलनी पड़ी। काँग्रेस की इतनी दुर्गति तो 1977 मे हुई थी जब आपातकाल मे इन्दिरा गांधी के खिलाफ चुनाव हुए थे। पूरे उत्तर प्रदेश मे काँग्रेस को सिर्फ 2सीट मिली। इस कमल की वजह से ही डीएमके और बीएसपी को अपने छेत्र यहा तक की देश मे एक भी टिकिट नही मिला।


चुनाव प्रचार मे सबने मोदी पर खूब कीचड़ उछला पर भूल गए की जितना कीचड़ बड़ेगा उतना कमल खिलेगा । इस कीचड़ की वगह से भारत की लोक सभा मे 300 से जादा कमल खिल गए जिससे हाथी पतला होने भाग गया,हाथ कट गए, झाड़ू साफ हो गयी, लालटेन बुझ गयी, सूरज ढल गया, साइकल पंचर हो गयी। रह गयी तो सिर्फ कमल की खूसबू इस संसद मे। मोदी की लहर है तो देश मे तभी खहर बन के गिरि इन नेताओ पर।


एनडीए सरकार की जीत का जाइका लेने पाहुचे राम विलास पासवान, जगदंबिका, नायडू अब तो जगनमोहन रेड्डी भी एनडीए का समर्थन करने को तयार है।
लोग कहते है की अच्छे दिन आने वाले है,मोदी पीएम बनें वाले है, जिसका आगाज शेयर बाज़ार मे जबर्दस्त उछाल से देखा गया ,अब तो बस यही देखना है की मोदी जिन वादो के आधार पर चुनाव लड़े है क्या उसको पूरा करेगे?

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Road to remeember; 7RCR

Road to 7RCR
Indian prime minister resides at 7 Race Course roads. Every political party is looking forward to become Prime Minister of India in order to live at 7RCR, Delhi.


The battle is among Narendra Modi,Arvind kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi 

Today was the last phase of lok sabha poll held’s. The elections are over now. Now everyone is looking forward to the result of election. Voters want to know was there “modi wave” or just the media created the modi image in the nation. This election nation has saw many things and undergone through many incidents. Let’s have a look what did happen in these lokh sabha elections.


For the first time India got the NOTA option for the voters to vote for none of the candidates. Interesting campaigns round up by all political party. The campaigns held on social media, 3Drallies held. Every political party left no stone unturned to appeal themselves to get the votes. Every political party had tried to attract the voters to get the majority votes to come in majority at lok sabha election. Bhartiya janta party insisted about having modi wave in the country. They will not only win but make clear cut majority in the lower house. This election has seen the power of all the political party. The party members had gave mocking remarks on each other. Derogatory remarks were delivered on Narendra modi. Election commission took action against many leaders who delivered the hate speeches like action took against Ahmed patel, Amit Shah,Abu Azmi, Azam Khan, Mulayam singh etc.
Many political party come forward to make alliance. Telgu Desham Party, Karnataka Janta paksha, Ram paswan’s LJP many more. Which stated that BJP will win more than 272 seats in lokh sabha.  DMK and AIADMK still maintain the silence over the supports of Modi which can be seen as these two parties can support NDA government by given outer support. In short I can that modi factor work in south too jaya remains queen in Tamil naidu and Yeddurappa,


Chandrababu naidu is supporting Modi Which directly help modi to reach 7RCR.
This election hot topic was Varanasi and Modi . Varanasi is royal city now as soon as Narendra modi declares to contest election from varansi, Kejriwal too declares his contest from Varanasi which leads to make the old city into battle field. Varanasi steels the shows as it catches the attention of the media. All the media paid attention to the public grievances of Varanasi, Narendra Modi Pm candidate of BJP thought that Varanasi is the safe place to contest election so he replaces the Murli manohar Joshi in Varanasi but his dream was shattered as soon as kejriwal, Ajit Rai jump to Varanasi seat as they will cut the Muslim votes of BJP.
Congress,Samajwadi party,Bahujan samaj,Trimool, third front all of them criticized  Narendra Modi and appealed people not to vote the communal person. They all did negative publicity for modi but forgets one thing that they attracted the public, media and voters.
There can be many reasons which can go in favor of BJP to win. First the publicity, advertisement and PR was very strong . Secondly BJP play safe and tried to attract the minorities by showing the working and prosperity of minorities in Gujarat. Thirdly Modi is shown as man of development, everywhere the appraisal of Gujarat model was there. Fourth everyone is fed up with congress party, congress is totally failed in controlling inflation, curbing corruption. Women are not safe in Congress government. Youth are unemployed and BJP took such problems and made various ads and slogans to attract voters.
Election commission had failed somewhere to maintain the secrecy of voting as we saw booth capturing cases in Etawah, Ferozabad . Rahul Gandhi was in EVM enclosure during voting hours in Amethi.


Still Rahul Gandhi gets the clean chit, Amazing!!
Rahul Gandhi tried to attract the voters through various ads, shouting for toffee model, corruption and problem in UP but he forgets that UPA government in centre for 10years.
This election has created the awareness among youth and women that is why highest ever women had come out to vote. They had shown the power of 49. In order to look which party will form the government we have to wait till 16th may till then enjoy the post poll opinion in every news channel.