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Better late then never for Congress.

on April 25, 2014

Narendra modi; BJP prime ministerial candidate filed nomination paper on Thursday for Varanasi lokh sabha election. Many people turnout to support the road rally of modi. It was estimated that more than 3 lakh people were there.


Every political party has seen the power of Narendra modi and earlier also polls too estimated the formation of NDA government. The biggest rival party of BJP is congress. So congress is very agitated with the modi’s rally. In frustration Anand Sharma; congress person lodged complain against Narendra modi and media houses as during election phase they were projecting the modi’s nomination.
Congress is just wasting its own time in various forms. For congress it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all. First congress should never declare Rahul Gandhi as prime ministerial candidate. It is because everyone considers him as “Shehzada” means prince. As he is born with silver spoon. Secondly the advertisement of congress is very poor in form.


this advertisement were very popular in english newspaper and it was very unattractive. the advertisement of congress is totally failure. as it doesn’t holds the attention of readers mind.

They just telling to give easy loan to women but not discussing about the interest charge on it. As loan is also given by banks and moneylenders. Congress have to be more specific about there particular advertisements.


Thirdly Rahul Gandhi in all rallies says that if they come in power then they will eradicate poverty, give employment and will give proper houses under Indira Awaz Yogna.
I would like to ask from congress that why they saying so? They are in center for 10years and why did not they do so in past? Why they want to do now? Are they seriously wanted to serve the people or its just election promises.
The biggest mistake congress does that it doesn’t come with priyanka Gandi in early time. She was missing during the early campaigns. Priyanka come at campaign for not more than one week. Till then most of the elections were done. Voters (Indian people) have sympathy with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra because she reassembles like Indira Gandhi.


Priyanka is taken as responsible sister, daughter, mother and good wife. Priyanka Vadra is the last hope for the congress party. Priyanka Vadra is the one who is taking very seriously by opposition parties and media houses. Media had highlighted the priyanka speeches as she is the one who can lead the party to the victorious level or to the next door. These are the few mistakes of congress on which they are working.


One response to “Better late then never for Congress.

  1. parineti says:

    Congress lessons. .good job

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