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2 STATES : movie review

on April 22, 2014

Director: Abhishek Verman
Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Alia bhatt, Ronit roy, Amrita Singh.
2 states is based on the fourth novels of six novel by Chetan Bagat, movie starts with the story telling of Krish(Arjun kapoor) to the women based journalist. He depicting his lovestory with Anaya(Aliya Bhatt).


The Actor krish malhotra and Anaya met at IIM-Ahmadabad. There friendship boom to love. The movie had exaggerated the few emotions like Ananya was very bold and extrovert in the college. Every IItian in college is desperate to make Ananya as his girlfriend.


This movie has shown very kiss scenes, the intimacy was tolerable in this movie. Whenever this couple met in the movie they kiss to show there love.


Earlier the couple thought that for marrying someone just love is necessary but after meeting the different families they realizes that they want arrange marriage not love marriage to elope ,they want the blessings of the parents. So half of the movie revolves around convincing the south Indian family to accept krish as there son-in-law where as Ananya too faces problem while accepting the Punjabi in laws.
This movie theme is that if you love someone then makes realize your family that you couple is perfect for each other. The film is full of romance, few humors, and jibes of Punjabi tadka.
The director has made usual twist and turns with the young couple who fell in love during there college time and they depart while working on different jobs. It goes to the credit of the director,who has been able to extract a brilliant performance from Arjun and Aliya. The film has good cinematography. The excellent camera work and digital stereos sound effect give a true to life experience so much that you actually feel the emotions of the couple. The screenplay dialogue, costumes, makeup of actor and actress were superb. The songs like mast malang, offo had touch the audience’s heart.

On the whole it is a well made film offering wholesome entertainment and thrill justifying the cost of 25crore went to making it.
Seriously it deserves to be house full shows in all theaters. The songs and acting was just marvelous.


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