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BJP manifesto; changing the hinduvta face

on April 8, 2014

Bhartiya Janta Party on Monday release there manifesto for lok sabha 2014. Their main emphasis was on development, corruption free, secularism, women empowerment. They even declared power and securities to other backward peoples. In manifesto they declared AIIMS in every states to be made, they talk about to bring back black money. Since beginning BJP was highly denying investment in FDI. BJP was stick to its basic principles like abrogation of Article 370, uniform civil code, remaking of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Modi had talk to work on following ideology “ Ek bharat ,shetra bharat”, “sabka sath, sabka vikas”. This ideology is meant to add the support of Muslims and other religion people as BJP want to make one nation with the contribution of other people.
BJP had tried to change his face through the Modi wave of development but BJP is still following the ideology of hindutava. Bjp has raised voice against beef slaughtering, protection of hindus in Bangladesh but Bjp had put their manifesto in such a way that it also includes the interest of nonhindu person , like bullet trains, good infrastructure, participation of OBCs in party and most important is they would reduce inflation which every section of people wants. BJP had opened himself as secular party, they had indirectly about the clearance of riot free nation as SIT give clean chit to narendra modi.

The manifesto is balanced because its talk about party ideology and development model.

now voters have to decide what they want MODI sarkar or RAHUL sarkar?

let you readers decide are you happy and satisfied with the manifesto


One response to “BJP manifesto; changing the hinduvta face

  1. vishal SRIVASTAVA says:

    It’s nice

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