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on March 14, 2014



Media are supposed to be the fourth most important pillar of democracy and kejriwal is threatening media journalist. Being a part of media industry I highly condemn the statement of kejriwal because he cannot curb media and media neither supports any political party nor do support any leader. If kejriwal thinks so then why doesn’t he present the proof?  Either the kejriwal is giving false statement or can change the the face of democracy?. Kejriwal only creates high voltage drama. kejriwal has done nothing in delhi and he is jealous of development being done by Narendra Modi at Gujarat. Kejriwal knows that every survey is polling about winning of BJP so kejriwal is highly disappointing because he too wants to become PM of India. In order to win lok Sabha election , Yogendra yadav gives highly sensitive remark that if modi wins then India will again faces Partition. in order to attract the muslim votes. These type of ministers add insult to injury.



 Arvind Kejriwal; ex chief minister of Delhi for 45days at fundraising dinner at Mumbai invited 130 businessmen who paid 10,000rps each. At dinner kejriwal attacked media by saying “Modi has bought the country’s media and his some supporters have taken the control of a few media houses.” kejriwal later said that if AAP comes in power in future then kejriwal will put journalist behind bars who supports modi. Kejriwal is still frustrated with Narendra modi; chief minister of Gujarat because modi supporters raises black flag and mistreated with him. Kejriwal said that three news channels were biased towards BJP and they are as follows: IndiaTV, IndiaNews, and ZeeTV. Kejriwal is frustrated with electronic news channel. He is not targeting print,social and broadcasting media. Kejriwal said that even Times now is lies now and demanded a probe into the string operation that had allegedly found evidence that opinion poll on channels were rigged. Kejriwal is criticizing all media person but he forgets that few members of his own party belong to media.



“Kejriwal has only said that some news channels are carrying the agenda of some political parties and it should be probed and action should be taken,” Ashutosh said. However, there are many editors with high integrity who are working in the media and will face hard times in coming days, he said. The former journalist said that promoters have been putting pressure on editors of media outlets and it will only get worse in the run up to the elections. Following the press conference, the Broadcast Editors Association issued a statement condemning the statement by Kejriwal and AAP. “It is wrong to say that TV channels are pursuing a biased agenda in favor of any person or party,” the association said. The association said that news channels were operating in a free and fair manner and said it had strong faith in the self regulatory mechanisms that it had in place. “Vague and sweeping allegations is a sign of weakness,” the association said.

Former journalist like Ashutosh and Ashish ketan have so much problem with media then I would like to ask why did these party member didn’t show there concern while working for media industry.  Now why they are after the life of narendra modi, even after Narendra modi gets clean chit from SIT



Interview given to AAjtak, kejriwal requested the journalist to show the certain part, incidentally the video was viral and mosted viewed at youtube


Asked in meetingIf given the choice between Narendra Modi and Mayawati for Prime Minister, whom would Arvind Kejriwal favour?.“If you hold a gun to my head, I will choose Modi,” the Aam Aadmi Party chief was quoted as saying soon after meeting a group of fund managers and stock brokers in Mumbai on Wednesday. The man who asked the question to the former Delhi chief minister was Anil Singhvi, investment banker and former managing director of Ambuja Cements.

kejriwal is seriously very diplomatic person, he hates Modi and on the other hand he supports Modi. kejriwal is against media because all media supporting GUjarat’s development and media showing the actual truth of kejriwal that is why kejriwal will put journalist behind the bars.

images and inputs from google.


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