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Third fronth

on March 6, 2014



India’s 15th lok sabha is going to dissolves very soon. As general election will held from April to May and new  lok sabha will form. Every political party is rising and investing their precious time in campaign. UPA government is trying to impress all his ally party. The NDA government is too trying to gain the votes from lower section of society i.e tea vendors. India has just not 2 major political parties. Third front has too shown his power. The debut of AAP at delhi vidhan sabha election has given shock to all and proves the democracy power in the nation.

Few political parties don’t want to support neither UPA government nor NDA government so they formed Third front. Third front is comprised of JDU, TMC, JDS, ALADMK, TRIMOOL, SAMAJWADI etc. it comprises of 11parties. In lok sabha,the seat of  third front is 92. SP constitute 22, JDU `19, LEFT 24, ALDMK 9.  AAP, JVM 2, AS 1. Etc. many prime ministers were formed from third front and they were VP Singh, Devgaurada, Indra kumar Gujral. So we can take third Front on a very serious note. After all they are contributing 92 seats in lokh sabha of 16th term.  The main source of third front are Samajwadi party and JDU.

Janta Dal united (jdu) is ruling party in bihar. Chief Minister Nitish kumar is important for third front because till now he was getting help and support from BJP. Now JDU is elected and contesting from all where alone. Independent Jdu can either rise or fall. Image

AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) is too not supporting neither UPA nor NDA but kejriwal took 8 hands of congress and 1 independent MLA to become Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. AAp has shown the power of third front. But they are not part of third fronth and kejriwal is losing popularity all over india. Yesterday AAP workers clashes with BJP workers. AAP volunteers throw stones outside the bjp office in Delhi. When kejriwal was detained at gujrat.

Samajwadi party is ruling in uttar pardesh. Samajwadi party is supporting UPA from outside and faces several threats from oppositions. The blot of muzzafarnagar riot, lawlessness and Gundaraaj is striking samajwadi party. They are losing faith among voters. Though third front is saying that they are against riots. They will assure of law in the land and secularism in the country. Samajwadi is attracting muslim voters and sport person but MLA Solanki cause agitation among doctors in Uttar Pradesh leads to suffering of patience and stikes of doctors.Image

Now its depend on the voters of India whom they select? All the best to the voters so they select the best deserving party members. They have to make a choice among UPA, NDA or third front.


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