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STRIKE cause pain among patients

on March 6, 2014

My mother is heart patient, so my family admitted her at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science (SGPGI) for treatment on 3rd march, 2014 at Lucknow. Hospital was crowed very much, patients were curious to get medical assistance but doctors went on strike. Doctors were on strike against police cruelty on their Kanpur counterparts continued on Monday. Doctors refused to admit new patients, barring critically ill. My mother was admitted at cardiology block because she has to undergone through angiography and angioplasty. She took insulin, gave blood sample, have drip, have ECG, ECO at SGPGI but junior doctor refused to have angiography due to strike. Without the help of junior doctors  senior doctor cant operate so Dr.Goel refused to do treatment. Like my mother there were approximately 50 more patient like my mother who was seriously heart patient and doctor’s doesn’t feel pity for these patients.


i took this pic at SGPGI



All junior doctors and staff of hospitals abstained from work on Tuesday till now, even the doctors pratising at private too join the strike. Patients were continued to declined due to lack of doctors. Few doctors took round and asked about the health of my mother and they advised us to discharge her as soon as possible. So we discharge my mother and took her  home. Image


i took this pic at SGPGI

Striking doctors held a meeting and condemned to Akhilesh Yadav;chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for being rude and harsh to the doctors. Striking doctors protest against Azamkhan, SSP of Kanpur. They even decided to vote for any political party in lokh sabha but not Samajwadi party. Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court took suo motu cognizance of the four-day doctor strike. High court ordered the Akhilesh government to transfer the Kanpur SSP Yashasvi Yadav. Akhilesh yadav has assured the public that he will investigate the full case and give punishment to the accused weather it is his MLA Irfan Solanki or other doctor. This strike has caused death of 50 patients in Uttar Pradesh.



i took this pic at SGPGI

I suffered because of strike. My two days were ruined at hospital. Till now my mother is undergoing through mental trauma because she is heart patient and thinking and hoping for srike to call off. Doctors who are supposed to be god in this planet is now turned their face from patient and saying in rude manner that if any patient would die it is due to Akhilesh government. My question is that if doctor is angry with police then why they taking revenge from innocent patients? They can simply protest and do candle March peace fully. why they running out from their duty?. There first duty is to help patient treat patience and save patient .

 did doctors forgets that they took the oath to help and save patient.?


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