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Documentary making by dazziling students of Centre of Media studies

Allahabad:  students of centre of media studies have gone to various locations to make documentary on given topic “Tangawala at Allahabad”.  

Students are just eleven in number but all are working as a team as a professionals .  Students first move to Alopibag basti of Tangawala to talk to Subash yadav. Students choose him because he was earlier a tangaperson now he left his job. He got 11lakh rupees as grant from megastar Amitabh bachan on Lift Krade show air on Sony. Students took Subash yadav’s bite then they took his wife’s bite.

Team of students was divided in three. Amarpal was handling sony HDV camera.Image

Amarpal yadav; taking scenes at Alopibag basti on 5th february.

He is very much familiar with video camera so he took the incharge of video shoot. Atul and Siddarth were taking videos from sony handycam. Neeraj was taking scenes from behind the scene footage. Priyamwada was the team manager so she was the responsible for all management work. Image

Girl’s Gang: Priya,ANu,Priyamwada and Nandika

Priya and Nandika were asking questions. Anu saxena was the producer of the whole documentary so she was the sole incharge of all the stuff.


Subhash yadav: gets 11lakh rupees from Amitabh Bachan.

Anant was capturing all the still photographs and Jeetrendra sir was helping the students throughout.

After all the shoots then students move to second location that is near to Sangam. In sangam students took bite of Rahis khan. Rahis khan is a tonga wala. He is still depending on tanga for his livelihood. He adopts a girl child and teaches a lesson of humanity to all the elite people of the society. Image

students of media studies are working on documentary

In this way the students of media studies has completed the production work of documentary. Now what is left is the future of documentary and bright future of students of media studies.


All the group members of Tangawala. members are: Neeraj,shikar,Anant,Atul,Amar,Priya,Nandika,Saroj,Priyamwada,siddarth,AnuSaxena.

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Political promises : The actual face of government



UPA government had now decided to raise the subsidized LPG to 12 cylinders. Everyone is welcoming the government’s new major relief but I am perplexed because of many reasons. Firstly Manmohan government had earlier caped cylinder to 9 because they were facing international losses. Secondly oil minister M Veerapa Moily raised Rs5000crore in additional subsidy annually. Now my question is that why the government did had hikes LPG cylinder quota to 12 per year? There is no price fall on petroleum and oil in international market then why government is so much bestowing shower to public? It’s all because of upcoming Lok sabha election. Is it?

UPA government just does all sort of scams and never looks to control inflation. Inflation has rise to its peak but government is not interested to look after his public. Government is busy in doing all sort of advertisement to attract young voter for elections.

UPA government had also turned blind towards lokpal Bill and Telangana Bill.

Main reason of UPA government failure is that government had not control the inflated price of food commodity and petrol. Majority members of UPA are in hands of scams like Naveen Jindal, Sarad Pawar etc.

Rahul Gandhi had said that his government is secular but many riot had took place in congress government like 1984sikh riot, Assam riot in 2012 etc. Rahul Gandi had admitted that some congress members were involved in the riot and innocents had sacrifice.


UPA government is responsible for price rise, riots, scams, taxes, corruption, and unemployment. The MNEREGA,NREGA is complete failure of UPA government. Now as a rational voter think what you want? Fake government with underachiever prime minister or someone who can change the developing country to developed country? Choice is yours.

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