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Arvind kejriwal’s promises and Politics in Delhi

on January 2, 2014

Arvind kejriwal’s promises and politics in Delhi.

Aam Admi party had formed government in Delhi. Everyone is young in this party. Even the chief minister Arvind kejriwal is young. we all know the Aam admi party because they are the one who brings the lokpal bill issue with anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare.

ImageAnna Hazare and kejriwal

Arvind kejriwal is the one who wins 28seats in Delhi Vidan Sabha election. He was crowned as CM with the out side support of congress. Arvind kejriwal faces crucial trust vote today.

Arvind kejriwal raises questions on congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law regarding the DLF scandals and question on BJP ex-chief Nitin Gadkari about his company. It  put confidence among Delhi voters as well as people of other state.

Kejriwal has promised to fulfill all things mentioned in manifesto. They ensured about the 700litres waters and half rate electricity in Delhi. He announces 50% cut on power tariffs for families using up to 400units of electricity.   Even they promised to make permanent house for jhuggiwalos .  People are looking forward when will the promise fulfills. Minister had even refused to take z-security and red beacons.

Image kejriwal during press conference.

 People have many aspirations from Kejriwal but recently he was seen with kamal Faroqui.  Kamal is Samajwadi Party member, he is the one who objects and raises question about the life sentences and hang of terrorist Yasin Batkal.  Kamal wants to win election through communal mindset. Kejriwal if joins hand with kamal then for sure Delhi Cm will soon loses faith among the Delhi people. The Delhi wants corruption free minister not communal minister. AAP wants to elect election for 300 Lok sabha seat so it’s better for kejriwal to stick to the basic of manifesto not indulge in communal or extremist in politics.

ImageKejriwal taking oath of Delhi Chief Minister.

delhi people want there cm should look after the public grievances and give good administration with proper infrastructure.


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