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Christmas function

on December 23, 2013

All the way to Christmas Party

I have been pass out from Christian Protestant School. Girl’s high School is one of the best Christian convent schools in Allahabad city. I still remember the best time I spend there. Being in a Christian college, we the member of school celebrates Christmas function with all our heart in chapel.


Christmas comes on 25th December every year. Children love this festival because they always look forward to meet Santa Claus.

Christmas makes the people remember of Lord Jesus who is thought by them to be the son of god. God send him to save the people from sin and misery. Jesus save us and died on the cross for them. All those who have faith in him shall be saved. Thus this festival teaches them and their children to live a noble life of prayer love and sacrifice.


Preparations were made like people decorate their home with Christmas tree. The shops were decorated with flowers, pictures and small tree. In my school teachers plant a Christmas tree for Christmas. They cut the branch of a tree and plant it in a corner of the chapel. Then we students celebrate the school Christmas function with great joy. Christmas function give relief to the tired and troubled mind of the people. Students face look bring as soon as students sings Christmas carols.

Christian people holds a feast, it consist of the finest things that the Christian family can afford. The lady of the house in her best dress moves about with great joy and enthusiasm. She takes pride in celebrating the festival with her whole family. The festival comes to a close late at night, all gather in the church to pray to God. They pray that everyone may lead a happy life in coming year,



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