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WHEN Protector become predator in nation.

on November 24, 2013

WHEN Protector  become predator in nation.

What we can do when our protector become predator? In India it’s become like a trend. The predators are not beast but the savior of democracy.  Like law intern of NUJS put allegation on retired judge of Supreme Court for sexually harassing her last year. The other case is of renowned magazine “Tehelka” editor Tarun Tejpal who is facing charges of sexual assault of one of journalist in her office. It is ironical that the savior of country becomes savage in nation.

According to times now, “Tehelka” editor Tarun Tejpal who faces charges of sexual assault by a woman journalist is to seek transfer of probe to an independent agency. Image

Women journalist was sexually harassed in Goa hotel by Tejpal . Goa police register FIR on 22nd November charging him for rape and sexually harassing her. Her statement came as a Goa police team flew into Delhi and spent six hours questioning “tehelka”managing editor; shoma chaudhary and collected evidence from office. Police found there were no CCTV inside elevator and since no evidence was available for police team.

The Goa police are taking help from Delhi police to solve the case. Goa police team examines three other tehelka employees; G Vishnu, Ishan Tankha and Shougat Dasgupta with victim journalist to shared her ordeal. Police wants to verify fact and record statement of all. Police checked the emails of Shoma Chaudary and Tejpal and even seized tajpal’s laptop. The investigating agency checked all three people emails to further investigate case.

Victim in “tehelka” is feeling intimidated. The relatives of tejpal come to victim’s home and asked her to take back case and putting pressure on her. The pressure was put on her family. Victim wants the protection. Victim is not only member who has been gone through such trauma. Several other rape victims were too pressurizing. On 22nd November victim lodge FIR that Tejpal trying to intimidate and harass her family. She wants legal help because this traumatic time had put tremendous pressure on her family.


We want speedy justice; fast track courts so that such case appears. Damini; a rape victim too got through such trauma. We want justice for women. We want safe working environment for woman so that woman feels equal and free.

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6 responses to “WHEN Protector become predator in nation.

  1. Do you know TAHLKA is a news paper who likes to spit and puke abt Gujrat PM all the time..
    although this story is sad..

    but what ever comes from TAHLKA’s Shitty mouth..i care less!

  2. parineti kapoor says:

    Shitty paper

  3. parineti kapoor says:

    I support namo., no matter wat..ok

  4. parineti kapoor says:

    @priya =: kya hai

  5. Anu saxena says:

    Thanku for all valuable suggestions

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