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Mahabharat serial telecast the history of india as well as life.

Image A snap from s serial.

Today I saw a brand new serial in star plus and that is “Mahabharata” it is telecast every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm.

Today I saw its first episode and I like the show. This serial will tell about the great Indian epic that is Mahabharata. This serial revolves around the great lessons delivered by Lord Krishna. The first episode depicts the tragedy of king Shantanu and his wife Satyavati who were happy as well as sad by the yuvraag ceremony of prince Devrat

. ImageDEvrat getting crowned as prince of Hastinapur.

Devrat is a prince and the son of Auspicious Ganga and king Shantanu. From the first episode only I am diehard fan of his show because as a Hindu born person it’s my duty to get knowledge about my religion as this serial is directly telling about the “Bhagwat Geeta”. As an Indian citizen we all should come forward and should know about the history of Hastinapur and the great politics between kauravs and pandavas. From this serial we will come to know about the philosophy of Hindus and great Vedas. In between of this serial the lessons of lord Krishna added life to this serial. The philosophical  lines is very crucial for every individual

ImageLord krishna telling about the secrets of life.

Mahabharata is mythological story about the battle fought between kauravs and pandavs who were dear brothers. At the end both the dies only Krishna remains because he was symbolic to positive attitude. Mahabharata is all about transformation of stagnant life into a where eternal life progress.

The Kauravas symbolize satisfaction and Pandavas of slow achievement. Krishna is symbolic of Positive attitude at which progress is at the highest speed. Thus, at the end only Krishna remains.

Mahabharata is important because its explains that how we will live in extreme conditions of life.