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fuss over flood in Allahabad

on August 26, 2013


Flood is still rising in Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh. Today i visited some areas of Allahabad which are flood prone areas. i clicked the pictures  and want to share with everyone . These pictures will clearly let you know the actual condition of flood in my city.
This picture is taken by me at Allahapur locality in Allahabad city.  Water reached to everybody home. People are facing many problems because of such fury.

These pictures will clearly let you know the actual condition of flood in my city.Image

Another area of Allahabad in which people are shocked and depend on the motor boat. This motor boat brings people out of their home and provides foods to the victims of flood.




Flood has cause rise in river Yamuna in Shivkuti area. The temple is too flooded by the rise of furious river. The famous Shiv temple of Shivkuti is too experienced the flood of Allahabad.


Water has risen till Mankameshwar mandir of Lord Shivji. Whole mandir was flooded and the temple is closed for devotees because of water of river Saraswati reached their which leads to delay of workship among devotes.


ImageThis picture is of Saraswati ghat near Mankameshwar temple. It is one of the best place in Allahabad to visit with family and friends. This place brings joy foreveryone but due to flood the ghat is now under river Saraswati. Only 3-4 stairs are available here and rest all are drowned by the flood.


A neem tree is under water because of flood. As flood has reached the river bank and neem tree is in premises of shiv temple and even temple cannot keep itself under the influence of flooded river.



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