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Flood in Allahabad

on August 25, 2013


The flooded rivers in Allahabad cause great destruction. It has destroy the crop, villages and cause loss of human and cattle population. Floods occur every year in some or other parts of India. The northern part suffers most on the account of floods. In Bihar the kosi, in UP the Ganga and Yamuna and in Assam the Brahmaputra cause floods which ruin the flood affected areas.


the leading new channel has broadcasted about the flood fury of Allahabad.


There are many cause of flood in the country but I would only talk about the Allahabad district in Uttar Pradesh of India. Allahabad is the most and worst affected district in India due to flood and there are many reasons behind it. Main reason is heavy rainfall during monsoon season. Heavy rains cause of overflow in river Ganga and Yamuna. Another cause is the flood and tragedy of Utrakhand. The third reason is silting in river beds. Debris fall in river too cause flood in the city. These floods are beyond the control of human so poor people of Allahabad have to suffer a lot


people are using boat as yamuna river is rising and leading to flood in the city.

Flood affected people have to spend their night under open sky on rooftop because of lack of shelter as localities homes has been drowned as water is filled there. 15000 people are affected by the flood and are under flood relief camps.

Flood cause great loss of life and property in Allahabad. The poor people of Allahabad are unable to bear heavy loss caused by floods. The areas which are flood prone are approximately 30 to 40 km. flood attacks in low areas like Allahapur, Rajapur,om gaytri nagar and even the phaphamau is affected by the flood.  It cause horrible destruction. It brings loss to our poor economy.

Image The hanuman mandir is flooded by the river Ganga in Allahabad.

there are many other parts of the city which are flood affected in them mostly are villages and worst suffers are poor farmers  . as all the crops are destroyed which leads to price rise in the city.

The rivers are still rising and the big question is what will happen if the flood will reach the whole city?


written by Anu Saxena.

pictures from Google.


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  1. neeraj kumar says:

    nice information, i will use this information in research work.

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