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Once upon a time in Mumbai again

on August 16, 2013


  • CAST: Akshay kumar, sonakshi sinha and Emraan Khan.
  • DIRECTOR: Milan Luthra PRODUCER: Ekta kapoor and sobha kapoor
  • TIME DURATION: 1hour and 60mins

It’s a new romantic bollywood movie. It is the sequel of movie once upon a time in Mumbai. The success of any daily soap or rather film is the cup of tea for Ekta kapoor. This is possible because every movie demands an entertaining plot, quality acting and cinematographic excellence. Once upon a time in Mumbai again released on 15th august at all the cinema halls. It is directed by Milan Luthra and produced by Ekta kapoor. It has the impressive cast with winsome beauty of Sonakshi sinha who is playing the role of Jasmine. The film begins with the tailor shop where Shoaib (Akshay kumar) who is gangster came to take the Emraan Khan with him for his work. Later twelve years had passed Shoaib’s biggest enemy tries to kill him that is Rawal (Mahesh manjekar). The story revolves around the finding of police and gangster. In between Jasmine (sonakshi sinha) is friend of both the actors and both the actors fall in love with her. Then finally the war begins between the actors to meet there beloved. The special appearance of Sonali Bendre was excellence. The movie has slow approach but spices had come when both actors came in front to win the love. The film had showcased the excellent acting of Akshay kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. The movie had superb acting and full of fights, actions. If you love guns, fight then go for this movie. The retro combination had put life in the movie. The photography, choreography is all excellent. The music of this movie was superb especially “yeh tune kya kia”, “taiyab ali’’ and “Bismillah” ….. This movie only attracts the youth and localities of Mumbai only.


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  1. Avijit Saxena says:

    Nice article Anu.

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