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Speeches of Next and Current PM on 67th Independence Day

on August 15, 2013


67th Independence speech of india Today is the 67th independence of India. Everyone is very happy and celebrating the independence with great joy. Today is the national holiday so I was taking rest and watched the most important speech of our prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh. He gave the speech at Red fort in New Delhi. He hoists the national flag and gave the speech. In his speech he said that in the independence of India from britishers the role of Mahatma Gandhi was very important. He also praised the Gandhi and Nehru role but he did not mention anything a

bout the Lal bhadur Shastri and other freedom fighters like Rani Laxmi bai,Mangal Pandey and sardar patel etc. He talked about the UPA dream project that is food security bill, youth and the development in his rule. He even said that the terrorism and reduced to great level. He gave the speech for 45minutes. He said without agricultural development our village won’tdevelop. PM

had suggested all the possible points to improve India but didn’t say about the development.

After the speech finished. I listen the speech of Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi, speaking at a college in the Kutch desert an hour after the Prime Minister made his Independence Day address in Delhi, took on Manmohan Singh directly today, as expected. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at a college in the Kutch desert an hour after the Prime Minister made his Independence Day address from the Red Fort in Delhi, picked holes in Dr Manmohan Singh’s words. Mr Modi threw down the gauntlet and took digs at the PM and the Congress party.

Modi had openly challenged PM on following points like Developments, security , he later criticize PM for forgetting Sardar patel and Shastri name because PM just remembered the name of Nehru and Gandhi. Hinting at the recent charges leveled against Railway Minister Pawan Bansal and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, Mr Modi said, “Pehle maama-bhaanje ke serial aate they, aab saas, bahu aur damaad ke serials bhi aane lage’’

Later modi had attacked and rather asked clearly from us that the country has become independent but have we achieved what our freedom fighters fought for? There is need for independent thought. We need to learn how we can free ourselves from a slavish mentality

After watching the speeches of both the personalities I realized that both are the very different personalities. One person was criticizing or rather giving just sympathetic speech at lal Quila (red fort) in New Delhi and the other was telling about the developments and growth of India at college in Gujarat . The fact that surprised me is that both personalities had given speech for 45minutes. What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!! Both are very strong personalities of india. The fact is that one is presenting his power in delhi by showing the development and the other is the prime minister candidate of BJP and both are projecting as the powerful PM material for the voters to gain votes for Lokh Sabha election 2014.


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