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Proud day for Allahabad

on August 6, 2013


21 judges appointed as permanent in High Court. Allahabad: Allahabad high court is proud enough on 6th august, 2013 because it got 21 judges in Allahabad high court. 21 judges appointed as permanent judge in the high court of Allahabad. Twenty one judges were additional now are the judges of Allahabad High court. The oath ceremony took place on Allahabad high court at Chief justice Court. 21 judges took oath in front of Chief justice, senior Judges, advocates and the family members. The 21 judges are as follows: Justice Vinay kumar Mathur, Justice Dinesh Gupta, Justice Anil Agarwal, Justice Surendra Vikram Rathore, Justice Sudhir Kumar Saxena, Justice Kalimulla Khan, Justice Ashok pal Singh, Justice Vijay Prakash Pathak, Justice R.S Maurya, Justice Pankaj Naqvi, Justice Mussafay Ahmed, Justice Ramesh Sinha, Justice Sunita Agarwal, Justice Amit Sthlakar, Justice Divendra Upadhaya, Justice Manoj Mishra, Justice Vishnu Gupta, Justice Arvind Tripathi, Justice Mohd Tahir. Justice Pradeep Baghel. All the 21 Judges were Additional judges in Allahabad High court. They took the oath to carry their office without any fear and favour. Pranab Mukerjee; president of India appointed all the 21 Additional judges to be the Judge of High court of Allahabad from the date he assumes charge of his office. He gave at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on 5th August, 2013 in the 64th year of the Republic of India. All the Judges made and subscribe oath before honorable Chief Justice under Article 219 of the constitution of India. By virtue of power vested in president by clause (1) of Article 217 of Constitution of India Pranab Mukherjee appointed all the additional judges to be the judge of Allahabad high court. Among the 21 Judges only one Judge that is Justice Sunita Agarwal is female. She appointed as one of the young justice among them. These appointments will lead to the new hope that the case will not delay more and speedy justice would be given to the people.


2 responses to “Proud day for Allahabad

  1. vandada says:

    very well written

  2. awadesh says:

    Good but if u have to improve it written skills too.

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