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uttrakhand tragedy ; eye opener for us

on August 2, 2013

We all should come forward to save and help the victims of uttrakhand tragedy.

I believe a multi prolonged approach is needed to protect the environment and to boost growth and development is vital. The uttarakhand tragedy has been described as the most unfortunate natural disaster in the India. Everyone is concerned over the missing of life and property. We all should go through the roots and find out why such nature’s vengeance occurred? We have to take proper steps to check such turbulence in future. Its not the only duty of government but every individuals to take care of the nature. We all should encourage afforestation and stop mountaineering in such hilly areas. All the development projects have to be taken seriously like dam, roads rehabilitation of ponds and wild life.

This tragedy is the eye opener for us and gave us the nice lesson that we should not play with nature and take the mother nature in very serious note.


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