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d-day movie review

on August 2, 2013

watched d-day movie at pvr wid my family.
enjoyed the performance of irfan khan,arjun rampal and rishi kapoor . AS all of them are the renowned actors and best in the industry.
though the role of huma qureshi and shruti hasan was very important but i can put them in supporting role. The songs were very good specially ‘beriya” and “duma dum “.
The whole story was based on four people :- arjun rampal,irfan khan,huma qureshi nd other person who lives secretly at karachi in pakistan so that they can move out and returned to india.
The whole action was awesome. Action was done with all possible effort to get pure attention. overall the movie was good and paisa wasool only if u enjoy fighting,action and high voltage drama otherwise u will feel disgust because every minute one or the other person shot dead by the ISI agent.
i love the working of R&W and ISI in the movie. the politically insability in the both nations that is india and pakistan reavels the true situations of both the nations.
THe concluding lines of rishi kapoor was very impressive and touch the heart of every indian. if u r a true indian go and watch dis movie for rishi’s dialogues. u might remembered namestey london


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