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Modi : a real Leader and the last hope for INDIA !

on August 1, 2013


Modi is not a globally accepted leader. Even if he has good relations with Japanese, even if EU and US Congress meet him, he was denied US visa 10 years back. Yeah the same US which we criticize for gross human rights violation in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Afghanistan and for death of innocent civilians in these regions, we should definitely support its policy when it comes to denying Modi a Visa . And what if Modi has turned around Gujarat so much, has worked tremendously on social indicators, he still lacks secular credentials. So never vote for Modi, vote for Congress which is the epitome of Corruption, vote for Maya, Mamta, yedduraapa,lalu prasad,Karunanidhi etc which despite having country selling selfish agendas are much fitter to lead the country Worst if you feel Modi is the only choice and other options are bad, do not vote at all. Yes you may ignore the GAME THEORY and ignore the fact that your decision to not vote would not affect voting rural areas, which would vote for you know whom. So you can claim to hate all parties alike but still play a pivotal role in getting the Congress regime back, accidentally if not intentionally Lastly criticize everyone, ignore facts, wear a blindfold, say things like Congress = BJP, Modi is a murderer and become the Cool Dude by taking a ‘different stand’ and do not care for hypocrisy. Just follow your pre conceived notions


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