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Bollywood cinema

on August 1, 2013


Modern age is the age of technology and science. Modern age has presented cinema to the populist . Cinema has become an important part of our life. Everyone likes to enjoy the movie whether its in past or present. Audience love to watch movie for entertainment. Cinema is an art form from which motion pictures are shown.

        Cinema is a combination of so many artists. The story-writer writes story. The singer sings the songs . the musicians give the lyrics . the director gives direction and so on.

Cinema is means of recreation. People go to the cinema to relax for 3hours. They forget troubles of life in the cinema hall. Cinema is also a leader and teacher for us, it guides the public and educates its audience. We can see through such great movies like- 3idiots, mother india , Oh my God, water, Lagaan  had entertain as well as given social messages to the audiences.

             Cinema is,the greatest medium of entertainment but at the same time, it also reflects the true mood of the society with real taste. Cinema is the powerful means of media in india .  The Indian cinema has changed through times and has always tried to cope with the changing reality. Reel life, they say, is a reflection of real life.   The influence has never been unidirectional – Indian society and cinema has been influencing each other altogether. Cinema is the replication of the society and society also watches and starts accepting the changes introduced by cinema, Earlier “sex” was taking as a taboo in cinema but now with the changing time people accepting the obscene, intimate scenes in upcoming movies. Earlier just two three movies have vulgar scene with abusive words like ‘Ram teri ganga meli’, ; Andheri rat me diya tere haat me’, ‘Khawish’;,  ‘kamsutra’,  few movies of Praveen bobby and sharmila tagore but now majority movies are showing vulgarity and serving foods for elders like ‘Dirty picture’, ‘Kya kool hai hum” movies of Imran Hashmi etc.

 I think both phase of movies had influence each other well. Generally behind any creative thing there is an inspiration, hence for the cinemas it more the society that we live in. Through cinemas, only we come to know about the different issues that are prevailing in India but somehow we ignore them. Its cinema only, which brings that ugly face out in the market. From Mother India to Jodhaa Akbar, Bollywood has seen a world of change. From black and white to color and from mute to 3D  the change has been immense and unimaginable.   In many ways the last decade in Indian cinema mirrors changes that occurred in the Indian economy.
There was an era of cinema which appears too melodramatic to our present generation. The characters used to shed tears at a drop of a hat and dialogue delivery used to be multi-tonus. Despite such peculiar play on emotions films used to gather crowd. Compared to the scene today, the display of emotions is more subtle and thus much more near to reality. Earlier most of the emphasis used to lay upon the acting and expressions of the stars. Now the film makers have started giving much more importance to the visual appeal of the film. A film is supposed to be aesthetically appealing also in order to be as complete package. Recent films like Race, Ra.one,Gang of waseypur,Kai poche and the Dhoom series have sold solely on the basis of visual appeal. As lamented by the older generations, films nowadays are serving more titillation and exposure than ever. Earlier technology was not their in movies look like lame duck but now graphics,cinematography, effects were so gud that audience cant tell whether that scene was real or done by computer..

Movies like Ra.one, Dhoom, Race,life of Pi had excellent cinematography.




In earlier movies people led simple life they all attached to the land , they wore simple loose clothes. Women wear sarees and suit they all covered from tip to the toe , Men wears kurta pajama But now we live in world of fashion so our cinema had shown a big drastic change as men and women are seen wearing fancy,bright clothes which are fitted. Tight clothes have come into the vogue. The taste of males and females are common in fashion so all the age people wears jeans. Women of today’s generation don’t wear suit they wear western clothes, if they try to wear Indian dresses then they wear in explosive manner in order to look sexy. The attire of people are constantly changes in modern movies but in old movies attire(balbotom) were same throughout the movie.




In old movies family had priorities, members love each other in the family, Indian culture were shown through old movies like Mother india,/maa, Biwi ho toh aisi, Bade Ghar ki beti etc but now a days movies are showing that family is secondary and friends are most important in our life like dil chahta hai, zindagi na milegi dobara, dostana, desi boys, delhi belly etc.

Indian movies are deteriorating the standard of family values by showing nuclear family who don’t respect their paents like baagban, yaadein, bhootnath(son of amitabh) etc.

In old movies all the theme revolve around family and whatis told by elder people becomes the final decision for everyone but modern movies showing children don’t respect there parents they abuse them and told them not to interfare in their life. But few movies are also their in the 1970s to 1990s which had shown disgusting situations of parents mishandled by their children in movies like Swarg(Rajesh khanna nd govinda), bade ghar ki beti(rishi kapoor) etc.



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  1. Devesh A says:

    3 idiots is one of the worst movies ever

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