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Janamashtmi on 28th August.


Janamashtami is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth. Major celebrations of Krishna Janamashtami takes place at midnight as Krishna is said to have made his divine appearance in that hour. Fasting, bhajans, pujas and many other rituals mark Janmashtami celebrations in India. Janmashtami is celebrated to welcome and enjoy Lord Krishna’s birth. Lord Krishna has various names such as Nand Gopal, Laddo Gopal, Kanha ji etc.


It is said that Lord Krishna came to this earth to save nature from various devils (who wants to kill human race). This festival is celebrated with enthuse all over the India as well as other countries. Devotees enjoy the birth of Krishna by singing bhajans, chanting prayers and making prasads including panchamirts etc. these cultural functions are the part of celebration. To celebrate this festival Rasleela is performed by the artist to entertain and inform about lord Krishna great deeds. In some part of north India “dahi handi” ritual performed in which heavy gifts were given to the winners. In dahi handi boys form pyramid and try to break earthern pot and eat curd(butter milk) like Lord Krishna does in Mathura and vrindavan.


Janmashtami is a two-day celebration in many parts of India. The days are celebrated colorfully and the merrymaking reaches its peak at midnight of the first day, when Lord Krishna was born. Ladies perform bhajans in there home and tell the great stories and epic of lord Krishna to the family members. To mark the birth of the deity, the idol of the infant Krishna is bathed and is cradled in the midnight time. Conch shell (shank) is blown and the devotees celebrate the birth of the Lord Krishna by singing devotional songs and by dancing with great joy. Thereafter, mouthwatering sweets and dishes are served to the devotees. I include the sweets because I love to have panchamit, kheer and delicious sweets as the Prasad at midnight. 


In some part of north India “dahi handi” ritual performed in which heavy gifts were given to the winners. In dahi handi boys form pyramid and try to break earthern pot and eat curd(butter milk) like Lord Krishna does in Mathura and vrindavan


Lord Krishna had played important role in Mahabharata as he guided Arjun in Kurushetra and tell us about the good Karma and various dharmas. He gave us the important message in our life and that is “karam karte jaa ,fhal ki chinta mat kar”



Lord Krishna and radhe maa in Iskon temple. The people of Mathura and Vrindavan will try to visit the temple of Lord to get blessings from them. Krishnaji is considered as shyam(black) and Radhaji is white . There love is immortal so is the temple situated in such beautiful cities of India.


fuss over flood in Allahabad


Flood is still rising in Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh. Today i visited some areas of Allahabad which are flood prone areas. i clicked the pictures  and want to share with everyone . These pictures will clearly let you know the actual condition of flood in my city.
This picture is taken by me at Allahapur locality in Allahabad city.  Water reached to everybody home. People are facing many problems because of such fury.

These pictures will clearly let you know the actual condition of flood in my city.Image

Another area of Allahabad in which people are shocked and depend on the motor boat. This motor boat brings people out of their home and provides foods to the victims of flood.




Flood has cause rise in river Yamuna in Shivkuti area. The temple is too flooded by the rise of furious river. The famous Shiv temple of Shivkuti is too experienced the flood of Allahabad.


Water has risen till Mankameshwar mandir of Lord Shivji. Whole mandir was flooded and the temple is closed for devotees because of water of river Saraswati reached their which leads to delay of workship among devotes.


ImageThis picture is of Saraswati ghat near Mankameshwar temple. It is one of the best place in Allahabad to visit with family and friends. This place brings joy foreveryone but due to flood the ghat is now under river Saraswati. Only 3-4 stairs are available here and rest all are drowned by the flood.


A neem tree is under water because of flood. As flood has reached the river bank and neem tree is in premises of shiv temple and even temple cannot keep itself under the influence of flooded river.


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Flood in Allahabad


The flooded rivers in Allahabad cause great destruction. It has destroy the crop, villages and cause loss of human and cattle population. Floods occur every year in some or other parts of India. The northern part suffers most on the account of floods. In Bihar the kosi, in UP the Ganga and Yamuna and in Assam the Brahmaputra cause floods which ruin the flood affected areas.


the leading new channel has broadcasted about the flood fury of Allahabad.


There are many cause of flood in the country but I would only talk about the Allahabad district in Uttar Pradesh of India. Allahabad is the most and worst affected district in India due to flood and there are many reasons behind it. Main reason is heavy rainfall during monsoon season. Heavy rains cause of overflow in river Ganga and Yamuna. Another cause is the flood and tragedy of Utrakhand. The third reason is silting in river beds. Debris fall in river too cause flood in the city. These floods are beyond the control of human so poor people of Allahabad have to suffer a lot


people are using boat as yamuna river is rising and leading to flood in the city.

Flood affected people have to spend their night under open sky on rooftop because of lack of shelter as localities homes has been drowned as water is filled there. 15000 people are affected by the flood and are under flood relief camps.

Flood cause great loss of life and property in Allahabad. The poor people of Allahabad are unable to bear heavy loss caused by floods. The areas which are flood prone are approximately 30 to 40 km. flood attacks in low areas like Allahapur, Rajapur,om gaytri nagar and even the phaphamau is affected by the flood.  It cause horrible destruction. It brings loss to our poor economy.

Image The hanuman mandir is flooded by the river Ganga in Allahabad.

there are many other parts of the city which are flood affected in them mostly are villages and worst suffers are poor farmers  . as all the crops are destroyed which leads to price rise in the city.

The rivers are still rising and the big question is what will happen if the flood will reach the whole city?


written by Anu Saxena.

pictures from Google.

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Once upon a time in Mumbai again


  • CAST: Akshay kumar, sonakshi sinha and Emraan Khan.
  • DIRECTOR: Milan Luthra PRODUCER: Ekta kapoor and sobha kapoor
  • TIME DURATION: 1hour and 60mins

It’s a new romantic bollywood movie. It is the sequel of movie once upon a time in Mumbai. The success of any daily soap or rather film is the cup of tea for Ekta kapoor. This is possible because every movie demands an entertaining plot, quality acting and cinematographic excellence. Once upon a time in Mumbai again released on 15th august at all the cinema halls. It is directed by Milan Luthra and produced by Ekta kapoor. It has the impressive cast with winsome beauty of Sonakshi sinha who is playing the role of Jasmine. The film begins with the tailor shop where Shoaib (Akshay kumar) who is gangster came to take the Emraan Khan with him for his work. Later twelve years had passed Shoaib’s biggest enemy tries to kill him that is Rawal (Mahesh manjekar). The story revolves around the finding of police and gangster. In between Jasmine (sonakshi sinha) is friend of both the actors and both the actors fall in love with her. Then finally the war begins between the actors to meet there beloved. The special appearance of Sonali Bendre was excellence. The movie has slow approach but spices had come when both actors came in front to win the love. The film had showcased the excellent acting of Akshay kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. The movie had superb acting and full of fights, actions. If you love guns, fight then go for this movie. The retro combination had put life in the movie. The photography, choreography is all excellent. The music of this movie was superb especially “yeh tune kya kia”, “taiyab ali’’ and “Bismillah” ….. This movie only attracts the youth and localities of Mumbai only.


Speeches of Next and Current PM on 67th Independence Day


67th Independence speech of india Today is the 67th independence of India. Everyone is very happy and celebrating the independence with great joy. Today is the national holiday so I was taking rest and watched the most important speech of our prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh. He gave the speech at Red fort in New Delhi. He hoists the national flag and gave the speech. In his speech he said that in the independence of India from britishers the role of Mahatma Gandhi was very important. He also praised the Gandhi and Nehru role but he did not mention anything a

bout the Lal bhadur Shastri and other freedom fighters like Rani Laxmi bai,Mangal Pandey and sardar patel etc. He talked about the UPA dream project that is food security bill, youth and the development in his rule. He even said that the terrorism and reduced to great level. He gave the speech for 45minutes. He said without agricultural development our village won’tdevelop. PM

had suggested all the possible points to improve India but didn’t say about the development.

After the speech finished. I listen the speech of Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi, speaking at a college in the Kutch desert an hour after the Prime Minister made his Independence Day address in Delhi, took on Manmohan Singh directly today, as expected. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at a college in the Kutch desert an hour after the Prime Minister made his Independence Day address from the Red Fort in Delhi, picked holes in Dr Manmohan Singh’s words. Mr Modi threw down the gauntlet and took digs at the PM and the Congress party.

Modi had openly challenged PM on following points like Developments, security , he later criticize PM for forgetting Sardar patel and Shastri name because PM just remembered the name of Nehru and Gandhi. Hinting at the recent charges leveled against Railway Minister Pawan Bansal and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, Mr Modi said, “Pehle maama-bhaanje ke serial aate they, aab saas, bahu aur damaad ke serials bhi aane lage’’

Later modi had attacked and rather asked clearly from us that the country has become independent but have we achieved what our freedom fighters fought for? There is need for independent thought. We need to learn how we can free ourselves from a slavish mentality

After watching the speeches of both the personalities I realized that both are the very different personalities. One person was criticizing or rather giving just sympathetic speech at lal Quila (red fort) in New Delhi and the other was telling about the developments and growth of India at college in Gujarat . The fact that surprised me is that both personalities had given speech for 45minutes. What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!! Both are very strong personalities of india. The fact is that one is presenting his power in delhi by showing the development and the other is the prime minister candidate of BJP and both are projecting as the powerful PM material for the voters to gain votes for Lokh Sabha election 2014.


काश वो दिन वापिस आ जाए

जाने कहॉ गये वो दि

वो दिन लौट के ना  आऐगे

जब हम साथ मिल कर बैठा करते थे,

गुनगुनाया करते थे

अपने मीठे सपने सजाया करते थे

माँ बाप की डार्ट खाते

एक दुसरे की कंधें पर रोया करते

मास्टर जी से पिटाई पढ़ती

मनु दीदी से लड़ाई करती

नन्हे नन्हे पैरो से साइकिल की

पैंडल मारते

हम तुम आपस में मस्ती करते

काश वोह दिन लौट के वापिस आ जाए

ज़िन्दगी जीने के पल वापिस आ जाए!

हम तुम आपस में लड़ते झाड़ते पर तीसरे को आपने बीच आने न देते

जब में दुखी होती तोह मुझे मनाती हो

जब खुश होती हु तोह सताती हो

जैसे जिंदगी में दिन रात हुआ करते है,

वैसे ही तुम हम एक दुसरे के लिए खास हुआ करते है.

वोह एक दुसरे के साथ हँसना – रोना

चिड़ाना – मानना अपनी दोस्ती का हसीन पल था

जब हम एक साथ खुश थे

काश वोह दिन लौट के वापिस आ जाए

जिंदगी जीने का पल फिर से आ जाए

काश वोह दिन लौट के वापिस आ जाए

वोह दिन जब हम छोटे थे

खुश थे

काश वो दिन वापिस आ जाए

ज़िन्दगी जीने के पल वापिस आ जाए



Proud day for Allahabad


21 judges appointed as permanent in High Court. Allahabad: Allahabad high court is proud enough on 6th august, 2013 because it got 21 judges in Allahabad high court. 21 judges appointed as permanent judge in the high court of Allahabad. Twenty one judges were additional now are the judges of Allahabad High court. The oath ceremony took place on Allahabad high court at Chief justice Court. 21 judges took oath in front of Chief justice, senior Judges, advocates and the family members. The 21 judges are as follows: Justice Vinay kumar Mathur, Justice Dinesh Gupta, Justice Anil Agarwal, Justice Surendra Vikram Rathore, Justice Sudhir Kumar Saxena, Justice Kalimulla Khan, Justice Ashok pal Singh, Justice Vijay Prakash Pathak, Justice R.S Maurya, Justice Pankaj Naqvi, Justice Mussafay Ahmed, Justice Ramesh Sinha, Justice Sunita Agarwal, Justice Amit Sthlakar, Justice Divendra Upadhaya, Justice Manoj Mishra, Justice Vishnu Gupta, Justice Arvind Tripathi, Justice Mohd Tahir. Justice Pradeep Baghel. All the 21 Judges were Additional judges in Allahabad High court. They took the oath to carry their office without any fear and favour. Pranab Mukerjee; president of India appointed all the 21 Additional judges to be the Judge of High court of Allahabad from the date he assumes charge of his office. He gave at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on 5th August, 2013 in the 64th year of the Republic of India. All the Judges made and subscribe oath before honorable Chief Justice under Article 219 of the constitution of India. By virtue of power vested in president by clause (1) of Article 217 of Constitution of India Pranab Mukherjee appointed all the additional judges to be the judge of Allahabad high court. Among the 21 Judges only one Judge that is Justice Sunita Agarwal is female. She appointed as one of the young justice among them. These appointments will lead to the new hope that the case will not delay more and speedy justice would be given to the people.


Independence day

The independence day 15th august 1947 is very important day in the history of our country. It was on this day that India gets its independence from the Britishers. All the people, irrespective of their caste, color, sex and creed celebrate this day every year amidst great rejoice. People fly tricolor flag in the honor of the country, sing national anthem and even distribute sweets in order to show the freedom of us in the nation. 15th august is declared as the national holiday in the whole nation so that people remembered all the martyrs who scarifies their life for us so that we life independent life in the independent country. Earlier we were slaves of Britishers so we Indians were dependent on them now we Indians are independent creatures.

In many schools the dramas were played so that the upcoming generation get knowledge about the history of India and should remembered there brave hearts like Mangal Pandey, Laxmi bai, Mahatma Gandhi , Chandra Shekar Azad who played the most important role in the independence of India. All the feeling of patriotism comes on this day. People reach their working place in order to see the hoisting of the national flag in their institution and finally the distribution of sweets take place.

When I was studying in my school I always took part in the patriot drama so that in this way I can educate my classmates. Though we are independent in the country but we cannot deny that the role of such important leaders were very crucial. We still want such great freedom fighters who can scarifies their life for the nation.

In Delhi, the capital of India, this day is celebrate with great show with great enthuses. Very tight security is managed by the administration. CCTVs were installed in every nook and corner so that the safety is measured. People in large numbers gather in Red Fort. There is a great hustle and bustle everywhere. They line up all routes leading to Fort for the arrival of prime minister. The foreign guests also participate in the great show. The prime minister hoists the flag. Then the honor is given to all the brave hearts. The military plays National anthem and finally prime minister of India gave the final speech. Homage is paid to those who scarifies their lives for the freedom of the country. After the speech of the prime minister’s speech, the function come to an end with the recital of national anthem that is Jana Gana Mana and the crowd begins to melt away. Every media tries to cover the news of Independence Day because every audience looks forward to get the news of the Red Fort because the speech of our prime minister is very important for the citizen of india.

The Independence Day reminds us of those patriots who fought and suffered to win freedom for us. It was on this day our first Prime Minister Pandit jawahar lal Nehru, unfurled the national Flag at the Red Fort for the first time.ImageImage

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uttrakhand tragedy ; eye opener for us

We all should come forward to save and help the victims of uttrakhand tragedy.

I believe a multi prolonged approach is needed to protect the environment and to boost growth and development is vital. The uttarakhand tragedy has been described as the most unfortunate natural disaster in the India. Everyone is concerned over the missing of life and property. We all should go through the roots and find out why such nature’s vengeance occurred? We have to take proper steps to check such turbulence in future. Its not the only duty of government but every individuals to take care of the nature. We all should encourage afforestation and stop mountaineering in such hilly areas. All the development projects have to be taken seriously like dam, roads rehabilitation of ponds and wild life.

This tragedy is the eye opener for us and gave us the nice lesson that we should not play with nature and take the mother nature in very serious note.

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d-day movie review

watched d-day movie at pvr wid my family.
enjoyed the performance of irfan khan,arjun rampal and rishi kapoor . AS all of them are the renowned actors and best in the industry.
though the role of huma qureshi and shruti hasan was very important but i can put them in supporting role. The songs were very good specially ‘beriya” and “duma dum “.
The whole story was based on four people :- arjun rampal,irfan khan,huma qureshi nd other person who lives secretly at karachi in pakistan so that they can move out and returned to india.
The whole action was awesome. Action was done with all possible effort to get pure attention. overall the movie was good and paisa wasool only if u enjoy fighting,action and high voltage drama otherwise u will feel disgust because every minute one or the other person shot dead by the ISI agent.
i love the working of R&W and ISI in the movie. the politically insability in the both nations that is india and pakistan reavels the true situations of both the nations.
THe concluding lines of rishi kapoor was very impressive and touch the heart of every indian. if u r a true indian go and watch dis movie for rishi’s dialogues. u might remembered namestey london

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