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No Media, No Money

when  i was a intermediate student, i aspire  to  become media person as at that time, media look to  be prosperous and glamorous  job,  i did bachelors in mass  communication  from Allahabad then i did  post graduation  from Amity university,  right now  i am team leader in news channel, though news channel proves to be very young and energetic force but i am not enjoying  because media has no place for freshers, like any other graduate freshers, we have  to struggle a lot, plus no initiatives at all either you work hard just to gain glamour  or you change your profession,no  option.


as you have heard  that every coin has  two side, like that media has some other good  side, initially u have to struggle a lot then you enjoy your  work, being  a  media person, everyone respects you, then after 1-2 years you  will be known in field and as you learn your tactics  . people  will follow u and you will become famous like  rajat sharma, burkha dutt,  deepak chaurasia, just have to wait for some time , as good time  come to those who  wait.

sorry for being negative, but on serious note,  no money for freshers..only Struggle

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Should Triple Talaq be outlawed?

In India there is outrage going on whether triple talaq should be ban down or not? Instead of raising your voice first understand what is triple talaq first- according to Wikipedia, Triple Talaq is an Islamic practice of Divorce in India. It has been a subject of controversy and debates. Triple Talaq is a form of oral divorce practiced in India, where the husband declares his intent to divorce the wife by speaking the word Talaq three times. The Supreme Court of India described it as the “worst form of marriage dissolution”. The custom is banned in Muslim-majority countries Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan

What does Islam say on triple talaq?

Sunni Muslims all over the world follow four schools of thought: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali. All of them say triple talaq is allowed, but yes, it is wrong.The real issue is that people are misusing triple talaq.


C_ey53iW0AEFrQFProtesting against #tripletalaq, Muslim women went to a temple in the city and chanted #HanumanChalisa….


we must understand what  ‘Nikah’ (Marriage) stands for in Islam. Nikah is essentially a contract laid down in a ‘Nikahnama’ drawn between the husband and the wife. This contract can have conditions and has a compulsory ‘consideration’ (Meher) to be paid at the time of the marriage. This consideration is paid by the man to the wife, and can be at time waived off by the woman as per her own will. So the basic difference between a Hindu Marriage and a Muslim Marriage is that for Hindus, marriage is a divine relationship whereas for Muslims, it is contract drawn between the husband and the wife.

Taking after petitions by Muslim ladies in the Supreme Court, there has been a progressing wrangle about triple talaq and the requirement for its abrogation. The prevailing perspectives on the issue are either by any semblance of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board or the Muslim ladies themselves. It implies two extraordinary positions; continuation of the present state of affairs versus voices for change and sexual orientation equity. This article is an endeavor to advance our position in light of the lived substances of ladies as a Muslim womens’ association that takes a stab at equity and correspondence.

Triple talaq ought to be annulled in light of the fact that it is un-Quranic; conflicts with the soul of the Constitution and in conclusion, yet significantly, it is out of line and cruel. It is not an open deliberation made by the media as proposed by a few. In our work, crosswise over 15 states over the most recent ten years, we consistently have ladies coming to us with their grievances about triple talaq.

We discharged a report in November, 2015 with contextual investigations of how ladies were rendered destitute overnight, left desperate with no assistance for the kids either, subsequent to being separated orally, in a moment. Most ladies are damaged forever and think that its hard to recuperate from the stun. Some even came to Delhi to the general population hearings and gave declarations face to face. Much of the time, the ladies were not by any means display when the spouse articulated talaq thrice. Some of them described how they didn’t discover assistance from any of the current religious bodies that they drew closer. The report has annexures likewise comprising checked duplicates of announcements by different qazis (Muslim priest), maintaining this talaq as substantial.

In our national review, Seeking Justice Within Family, out of a specimen of 4,710 ladies, 525 have been separated. Of these, 346 ladies were separated orally, 40 ladies were sent a letter of separation by their spouses, 18 ladies were separated on telephone, one by means of SMS, three through email and 117 through different strategies. In a similar review, 92% respondents required a legitimate restriction on the act of oral, one-sided or triple separation. To call it a media banter about accordingly would be false.

In Islam, marriage is a social contract with clear conditions to be noted down in a nikahnama (marriage contract). Not just this, it accommodates agreed arrangements for a lady of the hour, for example, mehr (dower). Triple talaq is specified no place in the Quran, and maybe, this is the motivation behind why it is unlawful in most Muslim nations. The Quran gives approach ideal to both a couple to look for separation. Be that as it may, it no place permits moment separate, for it regards marriage as a genuine social relationship, gone into by two people. There are various verses in the Quran that call for endeavors to accommodate on account of conjugal disagreement. There is a verse calling for arbiters, from groups of both sides, if compromise amongst a couple is not working out. The verses unmistakably call for compromise and intervention procedure to be done over a time of 90 days. Allah has requested the man or the spouse to complete this procedure. Separation can occur toward the finish of this era if the procedure does not prompt any compromise. In this way, the topic of one-sided or moment separate, does not emerge. This makes the act of triple talaq, as rehearsed in our nation, absolutely un-Quranic. The Quran is the best wellspring of direction for Muslims. Plus, Muslims draw part of motivation and gaining from the Sunnah or the life lessons of the Prophet. There is a generally known occurrence when the Prophet of Islam was immensely disappointed and denounced a man for separating his significant other in a moment. No big surprise, world over triple talaq is not acknowledged by Muslims. The Shia people group in India, as well, does not hold it as substantial.


Be that as it may, there is the Shamim Ara judgment and couple of more judgments by different high courts, where triple talaq was held as only one talaq, and in this way revocable while hearing the separate matters with every one of the specifics of the cases. Yet, the catch lies elsewhere.

It would be a basic legal advisor like contention to state that if Shamim Ara or another such judgment exists, there is no compelling reason to call for annulment of triple talaq. Such a position ignores certain actualities and ground substances that exist in the lives of common ladies. For one, these judgments have not kept triple talaq from occurring in our general public. However, how just and reasonable would it be to expect that each lady who gets triple talaq must go to court to look for equity, while the man can simply express ‘talaq’ and proceed onward with his life. Presently, it is up to the spouse to go to court and conjure the Shamim Ara judgment and battle. For this to happen, a few preconditions are fundamental. Right off the bat, she should know about the Shamim Ara judgment. She should know that triple talaq is un-Quranic and that the area priest isn’t right. She should have the get up and go to start a court case; she should have the cash to employ a legal counselor and the fortitude to battle a tedious and confounded fight in court.

In the interim, an ever increasing number of spouses can proceed singularly giving triple talaq, re-wedding and making the most of their lives. It must be remembered, that the Sachar Committeee report has set up that Indian Muslims live in neediness, financial backwardness and are marginalised.Pertinent to note here, that a few years prior, we chose to raise our enrollment expense to Rs 25. Be that as it may, we were compelled to backpedal to our unique charge of Rs 5 since a few ladies couldn’t manage the cost of it. It’s impossible to say what number of Muslim ladies can go to court to challenge the triple talaq.

Triple talaq, happens not in view of religion but rather, patriarchy and powerplay taking on the appearance of religion. It is essential that customary Muslim ladies and men are instructed about the Quranic standards of equity and decency concerning divorce. It is imperative that everyone finds out about triple talaq being un-Quranic. At exactly that point can these false thoughts fabricated by the preservationist patriarchal bodies be uncovered for what they are – un-Qurani and unjustified. At exactly that point can the feign of the purported individual law sheets, be called wrong, as is going on now.

Commonness of triple talaq is the most pre-famous representation of legitimate victimization Indian Muslim ladies. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955; the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and the reliable alterations to the Christian Marriage and Divorce Act which has been corrected as of late as 2005, have empowered ladies from various groups to acquire legitimate equity to a significant degree.

The stone-walling of the change by couple of standard Muslims has not enabled any change or correction to the Shariat Application Act, 1937. Accordingly, Muslim ladies endure in matters of triple talaq, halala, polygamy, guardianship of kids and legacy in spite of profoundly just and ideal Quranic orders. The Uniform Civil Code is not the response for these issues. Muslim ladies can get equity through a far reaching change in Muslim Personal Law in view of the Quranic system. This is allowed by the Constitution too. The obstruction is from the patriarchs and not by the courts. Truth be told, the common lady needs to approach the courts on the grounds that the church has reliably fizzled her.

triple talaq is a gross infringement of the privileges of ladies natives. The privilege to religious flexibility applies similarly to ladies and men. It no place gives male nationals the authorization to persecute female residents. Muslim ladies have been denied their Quranic rights attributable to misinterpretations and obstruction of patriarchal standard bodies. We are sure that the courts will make this long-pending adjustment and offer equity to the Muslim ladies of the nation. we respect the decision of our honorable supreme court. as citizen of india i trust my judicary system. 

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Tribute to Iron Man of India

‘Iron man’ title was given to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, have you ever thought why was only he selected for the title? Point to ponder upon, don’t worry I am here to share my opinion to everyone,

Sardar Patel was man of ideologies and Principles, he was dedicated nationalist he believe in the vision of “NATION FIRST’’.  He is the man who integrated 565 princely states after independence that is why he got the title of IRON MAN.


According to Wikipedia, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (31 October 1875 – 15 December 1950) was an Indian barrister and statesman, a leader of the Indian National Congress and a founding father of the Republic of India who played a leading role in the country’s struggle for independence and guided its integration into a united, independent nation. In India and elsewhere, he was often addressed as Sardar,[1] which means Chief in HindiUrdu, and Persian.

Citizen of India celebrate Sardar Patel’s birthday as  Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) which held on 31 October, initiated by BJP from 2014.


Before India accomplished freedom, India had around 565 princely states and the Congress had a major test of influencing them for serene merger with India. Congress party depended Sardar Patel with this obligation and Patel took it as a test of life and effectively executed it.

He utilized every one of the traps as a part of the book. He was well mannered to the individuals who were sensible and willing to make a move. He was extreme with the individuals who were hesitant and had their own particular plans. He didn’t falter in sending armed force wherever it was essential.

There were 565 princely states in India around then. A portion of the Maharajas and Nawabs who controlled over these were sensible and energetic. Be that as it may, the vast majority of them were plastered with riches and influence. They were longing for getting to be distinctly free rulers once the British quit India.

They contended that the administration of free India ought to regard them as equivalents. Some of them went to the degree of wanting to send their delegates to the United Nations Organization. Patel conjured the patriotism of India’s rulers, requesting that they participate in the opportunity of their country and go about as capable rulers who thought about the eventual fate of their kin.

He induced the rulers of 565 conditions of the difficulty of autonomy from the Indian republic, particularly within the sight of developing resistance from their subjects. With incredible insight and political premonition, he combined the little kingdoms. The general population was with him. He handled the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Nawab of Junagarh who at first did not have any desire to join India.
But the rulers of Junagadh and Hyderabad were plotting secretly to Join Pakistan.
Patel sent an army under Brigadier Gurudayal simha to the border of Junagadh to deal with Pakistan. The people of the state who wished to join India rebelled against the ruler and set up a People’s Government. The Nawab, who had tried to betray the people, ran away. Patel reached Junagadh on the 12th of November 1947. In the course of a speech there, hewarned that the Nizam of Hyderabad would share the fate of the Nawab of Junagadh if he did not behave sensibly.

But the Nizam was slow to learn the lesson. He sent millions of rupees to Pakistan. One of his men, Kasim Razvi by name, began to harass the Hindus. His gang was called the Razakars. They tried to drive the Hindus out of Hyderabad. There was no limit to their crimes. They tried to get arms and ammunition from outside.
Finally Sardar Patel sent some forces under General Chowdury to undertake ‘Police Action’. Within five days the Nizam was forced to surrender. Kasim Razvi ran away to Pakistan. The atrocities of the Razakars came to an end and peace returned to Hyderabad. The firm policy of Sardar Patel, the Man of Iron, crushed all the plots against India.

A similar problem arose in Kashmir. The Maharaja and the Legislative Assembly decided that the state should join India. But the Pakistan army forcibly occupied two-fifths of Kashmir. The Ministry was handling the Kashmir question for Foreign Affairs and there was nothing Patel could do.

Sardar Patel was a man of remarkable foresight. In 1962 China sent her army across the border and India reeled under the blow. This is the saddest episode in the history of Free India. But as long back as on the 7th of November 1950, Patel wrote a letter to Jawaharlal Nehru and declared that China was not to be trusted. He wrote: ‘The Government of China speaks of its desire for peace and is trying to mislead us. Hereafter, in planning the defense of our country, we must remember the intentions of Communist, China.’ 
Sardar Patel’s untiring endeavors towards the solidarity of the nation brought achievement. He joined a scattered country without tremendously gore. Because of the accomplishment of this huge errand, Sardar Patel got the title of ‘Iron Man of India’.

Five weeks later Patel passed away. About twelve years after his death China attacked India.  He receive Bharat ratna award(posthumously)  in 1991.

Though he is not alive but his principles, ideologies are still in the heart of Indians.  Everyone believe in “nation first’’.


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Is 3 Mysterious Number or Myth?


A large portion of us trust number three is unfortunate number, Many don’t go out in a great deal of three, numerous does not work in parcel of three. Some don’t take photo in gathering of three persons,think that center individual will passed on first. So there are numerous more myth about No.3.In hindi there is a maxim – Teen Teegada Kam Bhigada.

I think No.3 is the very quintessence on this world stand. Three is the most fortunate number. As the time is partitioned three tense-Past, Present and Future, The day is isolated – Morning,Noon and Evening.


The world is partitioned into Three-Heaven(Bhur), Earth(Bhuva) and Hell(Swaha).Three period of life-Young, Middle age and Old age. Three face of individual – Birth, Life and Death.One ought to control three things-Thought ,Words and Deed, then the world is his your


Bhagvad Gita include 18 Chapters separated into three sections comprising 6 Chapters each. The First Part is – Karma Yoga-(Chapter 1 to 6) ,Second part – Bhakti Yoga-(Chapter 7 to 12) and Third parts is-Jnana Yoga-(Chapters 13-18).There is three qualities-Sattva ,Rajas and Tamas. There is three primary things in human start or living Organism-Mind, Body and Soul.

For Hindus there is three fundamental GOD-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.- Brahma the Creator , Vishnu the preservation(Operator) and Mahesh(Shiva) the destroyer. then how can hindu says that number three is unlucky? time to ponder upon.


Number 3 likewise typically speak to OM in its vocative and diagrammatic viewpoints. The Symbol of OM comprises of three bends speaking to every bends three condition of awareness The lower bend in the image of OM speaks to the outward moving attentive cognizance, The Middle one speaks to the inward dream consciouness. The upper bend speaks to the quiet awareness of the profound rest state.


For mathematicians three is the main odd prime number. Three is the main extraordinary prime because of the properties of its equal.

Regarding science – A human ear has three half circle waterway. Molecules comprises of three constitutes – Protons ,Neutrons and Electrons. For Genetic data DNA and RNA are coded in three

For Christianity-Jesus Christ was covered inside a tomb and rose from the dead three days after the fact.To them – Trinity is – Father – Son – Holy Spirit.

For Astronomy-There are three primary universe morphological order Elliptical, Spirals and Lenticulars

Noted human studies Mr.George Dumezil built up the Trifunctional Hypothesis which separates pre – recorded Indo-European culture into three-Priests , Warriors and Commoners. So at last the I could say – The Science and Scientists have demonstrated that that all living and non-living things are made of molecule Atoms are the essential building piece of matter that make of up ordinary protest A work area, air and even you are made of particles. Presently these exceptionally particles is made of three things – Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. At that point in what capacity how can we sayNumber Three is Unlucky

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PM Modi visit to Iran agenda is Chabahar and Energy

PM Modi expected to visit IRAN on 22-23May. He is going to visit IRAN and discuss sensitive issues like connectivity of Chabahar port and energy exchange.

Fifteen years back PM AtalBihari Bajpayee visited Iran for bilateral talk, he delivered speech which focus on rich culture and diversity of India on the platform of Iran parliament.

PM Modi visit in Iran is significant because India and Iran both need bilateral talk on connectivity, energy and business. India wants to develop Chabahar port for the betterment of IRAN and India. India has proposed to give 20million dollar for this project. Chabahar port will be connected by Afghanistan border through roads and railways.

PM Modi is expected to reach Tehran capital of Iran with foreign minister Sushma swaraj, Petroleum minister Dharamendra Pradhan, Transport minister Nitin Gadkari.

Chabahar port, petroleum gas is PM Modi’s Iran visit agenda.

PM Modi is expected to address Indian origin at IRAN and visit Gurudwara after that he will had bilateral talks with President Hassan Rouhani after and discuss infrastructure, energy, terrorism and extremism in the nation.


According to Vivek katju, ‘talks will feature Indian state-run firms securing rights to develop the offshore Farzad-B gas field, which was discovered by ONGC Videsh.
discussions would feature mode of clearance of the USD 6.4 billion Indian refiners like Essar Oil and MRPL owe to Iran in past oil dues. Ahead of the visit, refiners have cleared USD 1.2 billion.
The trilateral agreement is seen to significantly enhance prospects of India’s connectivity with Afghanistan, Central Asia and beyond such as the North-South corridor’.




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You need to turn Left to find Right political direction

Whatever we are,men or women are life is decided by our choices ,some that we make and others are cling to us since we are born.

Whatever we do, we need certain guide or direction to achieve our goal. While working for our goal we always follow our dream. Sometimes our prejudice come in between our work, our principles or our moral sometimes doesn’t allow us to work in certain right direction. There we have to maintain harmony between our working principles and our personal biases.


Sometimes intellectual says you need to turn left once in life in order to find the Right political direction. I try to read between the lines and gave a thought sometimes we work in  right direction but still don’t achieve success,as we face failure several time for that we have to introspection oneself. .

Sometimes success is enjoyed only after we taste the failure. There are many reasons for our failure,one can be we are rigid in our thoughts that we dont accept different people’s opinion which is contradict to one’s. Secondly we do not put extra efforts for our goals that is why the outcome is not upto the goal we thought. So in order to achieve something its necessary to see world from different perceptive also. It is necessary for everyone to respect the opinion of other people but it doesn’t mean you are weak enough to give up your thoughts. May be your thought process is not in right direction so you have to change the angle of your view sight as there is one of my favourite quote explains what i mean to say, ”i respect all religion but i love my religion”. This lines clearly explain that we should respect the thoughts opinion of everyone but love the ideologies of oneself. One should not compromise with the self principle at any condition. Whatever the condition is just stick to your principles.

Situation arises where you have to choose what is important to you at that point of time, your idealogical or your work there you have to maintain peace else you will ruin everything. In order to work for the truth sometimes you have to compromise with your prejudice, that sometimes you need to go wrong way in order to find the right way.

written by ANU SAXENA

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For the right of Life and Dignity; scrap section 377

The  bench headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur agreed to hear the curative petition filed by gay rights activists and NGO Naz Foundation against the Supreme Court’s December 11, 2013 judgement upholding validity of section 377 (unnatural sexual offences) of IPC and the January 2014 order, by which it had dismissed a bunch of review petitions.


Supreme court is ready to hear petition after some time, everyone is looking forward to the judiciary that judiciary is sole responsible to bring change in the society , don’t we think we our self responsible to be a part of this pathetic condition because  we look lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) down upon. They are also part of the society. They are also citizen of the nation then why we discriminate them from our self.  IPC section 377 come in existence on 1862, which defines unnatural sex offences. It define, who so ever have carnal intercourse voluntarily with man, woman or animal is entitled to be punished with imprisoned for lifetime or 10years.

Supreme Court is bound to work according to the constitution and Indian penal code (IPC) judiciary cannot mould the constititution for this parliament has to amend the section because parliament can only scrap section 377. Like in the case of juvenile case, new bill was pass in winter session at parliament, in the same manner to scrap section 377 parliament can only do so.


The bench of three judge consist of  Chief justice TS Thakur, Justice Anil Dave and Justice JS Khehar gave support to the conflict that whatever threat imposed by the provision amounts to the rights to live and independent life is big miscarriage of justice. The bench neither gave any solution to the people nor suggested any plan for the government, it is clear for us that bench leaves the verdict for the future constitution bench to further proceed if necessary in future. It had contended that 2013 amendment to section 375 with deals with rape had held consensual sex between an adult male and female is not an offence…Everyone is welcoming the judgment of the apex court. As we have great trust for the judiciary. The LGBT community is happy as they have hope among them self that now society will not consider them as mental disorder. Now our society willnot consider them taboo anymore.

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written by Anu SAXENA



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Bring vikas in bihar

Today is result day of bihar, lets see who win nda or mahagatbandan, whosoever win kindly focus on development not in making dalit state. We Indians are already divided dont divert us from your goals that is infrastructure and development.


I know everyone wants to win to get the political gains, I expect good people to win to bring positive change in the state. Lets wait couple of hour to see the results,
I am happy there is no paid news and EC was very active during bihar election and campaigns , they conduct election peacefully no booth capturing and other violence like vandalism occurred as election was peacefully occurred. Voters of elections are now more tolerant and aware, its a good sign not only for bihar but for whole india. When I see such positive change in my nation I feel positive, people coming out from there home to bring positive change and bring vikas.
After all we all are part of change.

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Impact of Celebrity in advertisement

Young people took celebrities as their idol, they want to copy their idol’s lifestyle in order to be like them. Whatever their idol does,talk young people bring it in practice. This gives an important edge to advertiser to endorse their product through different celebrity.

Celebrity know the adverse effect of using junk food,soda drinks,chocolates etc still they promoting these products. For example Saif Ali khan promoting chips, Saina Nehwal promoting Top Ramen noodles, Hritik Roshan promoting Mountain dew  and salman khan promoting thumbs up, Amitabh bachan promoting Maggie etc etc.


A research conducted in UK which observe 181 children states that celebrities who endorse specific food in TV advertisement are powerful influence on children. It found that kids ate more food as more potato chips after seeing ads featuring popular UK sports figure. They concluded with research that kids are influenced and picked food endorse by celebrity .

download (1)

Why these celebrities promoting such harmful food products. Celebrities have healthy lifestyle but why they want young children to get convince and sell product. Do they forget about the love they getting from people? Are they doing to make good amount from advertiser? Do they doing to get fame? Reason can be anything it can differ from mouth to mouth but it cause great affect to young people as these young people mostly children blindly believe celebrity , this cause deteriorate of their health.


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Shiva is shavan and shavan is shiv

The differentiation of purity and impurity is an illusion. Whatever exists in this world belongs to shiv and what belongs to shiv is shiva.

Thats mean everything in this world is pure. This is the knowledge of shiv.

the five elements that human body is composed of all attached to shiva thats means agni, vayu, jal, dharti is all bestow in shiv thats mean we all are directly and indirectly connected to shiva

We all have to liberate myself ourselves from this sense of body, lets attain our goal by praising lord shiv.

Praise the supreme.

Shiv will always help u to achieve your goal.

Om namah sivay.

May lord help u all I Anu saxena pray for u

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